BFC Brazilian Finest Cymbals is the Brazilian B20 Bronze cymbal brand with 100% Made in Brazil processes. From the foundry (of 80% Copper with 20% Tin, which forms the unbeatable B20 Bronze alloy), to the hammering, concept and development, everything is done in a new way in Brazil with great pride and above all, Finest!

The Brazilian Finest Cymbals are made in a perfect synergy between the artisanal form of the classic Turkish school, adding new technologies and more westernized and modern solutions in its construction.

The manufacture of BFC Dry Dark Cymbals is led by the master cymbalsmith Francisco Domene Nishida, with the expertise and vanguard of Ricardo Goedert from Batera Clube. They joined forces and ideas to create and make BFC Cymbals available to all stores and drummers from Brazil and the world.

The name Brazilian Finest Cymbals was the starting point and inspiration for the birth of this brand. We are inspired by this name to materialize our dreams and desires in the form of cymbals. Our inspiration also comes from the beauty, elegance and fierce that our beautiful and rich music has created and spread around the world. From our sophisticated Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz to the fury of Brazilian Rock and Metal, from the groove and swing of our Black Music, our good music is not only Brazilian it is above all Finest. Thus Brazilian Finest Cymbals was born, to be in the hands of the most inspired and inspirational drummers in the world!

Be Finest like us. Brazilian Cymbals like never before in the world of Brazilian drums.

BFC Brazilian Finest Cymbals - Inspired in Finest Music.

Ricardo Goedert and Chico Domene